Adult with ADD/ADHD Wasting Time! 🤔 In A Bad Routine!


Imagine that, an adult with ADD /ADHD wasting time.  Hey, I know it's happening and yet I feel powerless to stop it.  

My life works best when I follow a routine.  The problem is not every routine is the right routine.   Changing my routine is like trying to stick to a diet plan.  

In 2 weeks my company is laying me off.  I've know this for two months now.  Yes, I've prepared a new resume.  I've applied to jobs online, well maybe not as much as I could have. 

I've been stuck in a routine everyday.  I found this promising website to get free Bitcoins.   Then I trade them, like in the stock market.  

I know it's going to work, and slowly at that.  It may take 3 to 5 years before I can extract extra money and still grow my retirement.  This will work it just takes time and effort.

That's the problem!  An Adult with ADD / ADHD  stuck wasting his time between future chance at riches, and finding a new job.

How do I going to change this routine I'm stuck in before its too late.   

Hell, now I'm blogging about my ADD / ADHD.  How am I ever going to find a job if I don't stop wasting time.

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